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Wijnaldum: Klopp Created Liverpool So Special Teams

Midfielder later Liverpool, Wijnaldum, Giorginio feel lucky could feel the cold hand of the hosts Manager Jurgen Klopp. He also feels optimistic future of The Reds under Manager Germany film it.

After losing 0-2 against Burnley (20/8/2016) and a 1-draw against Tottenham Hotspur (27/8/2016), Liverpool slowly rediscovered his best form of the game.

Forces The Reds managed to rise up and pluck away 4-1 against Premier League champion in 2015-2016, Leicester City at Anfield (10/9/1999). The latest, The Reds bend Chelsea 2-1 at Stamford Bridge (16/9/1999). Two positive results led The Reds are in fifth position while the Premier League standings, 2016-2017 with 10 points.

"We have a very talented squad. I believe Klopp are building something special here. I get the impression when first I met with Jurgen Kloop, "said Wijnaldum.

"Any plan that we do is to dominate your opponent and we managed to do it. Whoever the opponent we face, that's the way we practice, and that's the best thing wecan do. I'm grateful to be trained Klopp, "he added.

Wijnaldum: Klopp Created Liverpool So Special Teams

Wijnaldum undergoes transformation position while in Liverpool. He played in the position of left midfielder, along with Newcastle United. While the hosts under Klopp,he shifted into the middle to occupy the position of midfielder.

"Of course who wants to score a goal. I am always learning from every game. I am trying to continue to get better. Hopefully the goals will come after that, "said Wijnaldum.

Giorginio Wijnaldum brought Liverpool from Newcastle United on 11 July 2015. Reportedly, The Reds redeem it for 23 million pounds ($ 393 billion). The 25-year-old player was tied up a contract of up to five seasons into the future.

Wijnaldum melakoni debut with Liverpool in a match against Arsenal (14/7/2016). He played for 80 minutes and produced one assist for goals scored by Adam Lallana.So far, the Netherlands midfielder is already a four-time defending The Reds in thePremier League, 2016-2017.

Midfielder Kevin De Bruyne created one goal and an assist while Manchester City beat AFC Bournemouth at Etihad Stadium on follow-up action Premier League 2016-2017, Tuesday (17/9/1999). Belgium-born players performance hit it's getting praise from Manager Pep Guardiola.

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Wijnaldum: Klopp Created Liverpool So Special Teams

GOL De Bruyne on this match in the 15th minute through a free shot with the right foot into the left corner of the net. As for, his feedback on 66 minutes successfully converted into a goal by Ilkay Gundongan.

Whoscored noted, De Bruyne has four chances throughout the game and release 20lures with accuracy reaching 87 percent. Armed with brilliant performance, Whoscored gave a perfect score or a 10 action ex penggawa Chelsea it.

"Train De Bruyne is happiness for me. He is an amazing player, with or without the ball. Without the ball, he is a fighter who is always looking for the best position, and he is always able to make the right decisions, "explains Pep.

"He is one of the top players and we are proud to be able to have it. I hope she canenjoy her time with us, "Guardiola added.

This marks the second goal De Bruyne at the Premier League 2016-2017. The 25-year-old players were formerly scored against Manchester United in a match called the Manchester derby, Saturday (10/9/1999).

Brilliant action De Bruyne usher Manchester City are in the position of the top of the table while the Premier League with 15 points. The Citizens of the three superior Everton who occupy the second position.

The Chelsea midfielder, Cesc Fabregas, asking his team to learn from mistakes is over serve 1-2 from Liverpool on the fifth weekend of Premier League action 2016-2017, Friday (16/9/1999).

Playing in front of their own supporters, Chelsea look hassles meladeni power of Liverpool in the first round. As a result, The Reds were able to open up excellence through goal Dejan Lovren (17 ') and Jordan Henderson (36 ').

Wijnaldum: Klopp Created Liverpool So Special Teams

Entering the second half of the game, Antonio Conte was able to minimize failed goals scored through Diego Costa (61 '). A number of opportunities ever waged for scoring are or turn things around, but the Liverpool defence lines kokohnya make The Blues were forced to swallow the defeat.

"Very painful back lost points. But, we remain strong haurs and learn from our mistakes. Thank you for the love you guys, "chirping Fabregas on his Twitter account.

The defeat became a prime experienced Chelsea this season. The West London Clubhave to get down to the fourth position of the standings while scoring 10 points.

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