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Kimmich: Guardiola To Make Manchester City So Great

Bayern Munich midfielder, Joshua Kimmich, was impressed with the smooth start of Manchester City under Manager Pep Guardiola in Premier League 2016-2017.

City appeared impressive wiped out four early Premier League action. The appearance of The Citizens is now located at the top of the standings while scoring 12 points,winning two numbers from Everton who reflects on the second order.

"I've seen their games when facing Manchester United and Mönchengladbach. Interesting to see how Pep Guardiola who already enter his trademark on the team in a short time, "said Kimmich.

"They play soccer which is totally different than last season. If to be honest, I'm not surprised by it, "said Germany midfielder was.

Guardiola managed records 75.16 winning percentage when menukangi Bavaria range 2013-2013. Armed with such achievement, Kimmich sure Barcelona will bring its influence to Etihad Stadium this season.

Kimmich: Guardiola To Make Manchester City So Great

"In Germany, some say she failed because can not win the Champions League. But,according to my below him, Bavaria became a very dominant team and proved by grabbing three Bundesliga title consecutively, "said Kimmich.

"He's more or less been doing revolution soccer game here. I'm sure his influence in the United Kingdom will be very good, "says the 21 players that year.

Barcelona's chance to emulate the positive nicks belonged to Carlo Ancelotti whenmenukangi Chelsea 2009-2010 season i.e. grabbed five winning streak early in the season Premier League. However, it recently happened if Guardiola was able to helphis team beat Swansea City, Saturday (24/9/2016).

Resounding performance along with Atletico Madrid and the Barcelona attacker Antoine Griezmann made France swamped the bid. 25 year old player that gives the terms to the Club devotees.

Griezmann has just signed a contract extension for five years with Atletico Madrid on 30 June. In his new contract, amounting to a waiver clause Griezmann has 85 million pounds ($ 1.4 trillion). In addition, Griezmann also changed agents. He is now represented by his father, Alain, and credited the large meroketkan his career, Eric Olhats.

One source close to Standard that tells Griezmann Griezmann has the desire to play in the Premier League next season. However, the team must play in the Champions League next season.

Charm competition Premier League became the main base of attraction Griezmann.News of immediately hengkangnya Diego Simeone also into consideration Griezmann to go. As is known, Simeone just want to sign the contract lasts for two seasons from the offer of the season given by Los Rojiblancos.

Kimmich: Guardiola To Make Manchester City So Great

So far, there are four clubs United Kingdom origin who reportedly interested in using the services of Griezmann. They are Chelsea, Manchester United, Manchester City,and Arsenal. However, only Chelsea and MU so far willing to redeem Griezmann release clause.

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Thus, MU and Chelsea should be able to end the Premier League 2016-2017 at postion the big four if you want to get service Griezmann. The two clubs are going through hard times.

MU swallow three consecutive defeats and the latest surrender in Watford, VicarageRoad Stadium, Sunday (18/9/2016). MU while sitting in seventh position with 9 points. As for, Chelsea is ranked fifth with 10 digits after losing 1-2 at Stamford Bridge,Wednesday (16/9/1999).

Antoine Griezmann joined Atletico Madrid from Real Sociedad on July 28, 2014 andsigned the contract lasts for six seasons.

Over the past five seasons to become occupants of the stadium Vicente Calderon, Antoine Griezmann appearing 201 times and create 52 goals. He became the top scorer in the European Cup in 2016 with a collection of 6 goals for the France national team.

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