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Luis Suarez Recalled the good times in Liverpool

Leicester City Defender Robert Huth, called Arsenal was instrumental in the success of his team to win the Premier League by 2015-2016. Huth revealed The Gunners players selfie, motivate The Foxes to grab the title champion.

Holds the status as an underdog team, Leicester appear. Defeated big clubs like Chelsea, Tottenham Hotspur, Liverpool, The squads and Fox remain at the top of the Premier League standings.

Leicester confident any time a trip to Arsenal at the Emirates Stadium in the 26th week of action on 14 February 2016. They are capable of winning first penalty execution thanks to Jamie Vardy 45 minutes.

Dear, Leicester failed to maintain the advantage. Arsenal success equate numbers thanks to goals by Theo Walcott's 70 minutes, and turned the superior passing for Danny Welbeck the 90 + 5. Leicester City finally lose 1-2 from The Gunners.

After the match, striker berselfie ria in the locker room and show off photos on the social media respectively. As it turns out, the feast of The aforementioned Gunners was further boost the morale of the players The Foxes.

Luis Suarez Recalled the good times in Liverpool

Leicester won the eight wins and three draws in 12 matches results of the last in thePremier League. They closed the season on top of the standings with a value of 81,winning 10 points from Arsenal in second place.

"I think our turning point, the moment is a moment of defeat against Arsenal, I still remember how the players Arsenal showcased their selfie after the match," explainedHuth told the Express.

"It makes our blood boil, and it turns out it's become our strength in some matchesin the season," stated Huth.

In the summer of 2016-2017, Leicester City begin this season with less convincing. But slowly, they were able to rise up. Leicester managed to pluck the victory in the last two games, namely cons Club Brugge in the Champions League and Burnley in thePremier League with an identical score of 3-0.

Luis Suarez back reliving the moments with Liverpool. Suarez mentions a lot of great moments in her career happened in Liverpool.

Uruguay national team striker was recruited by The Reds from Ajax Amsterdam in January 2011. Since that time, he became one of the supporters of Liverpool Idol.

Luis Suarez Recalled the good times in Liverpool

For the past four seasons The Red squads in uniform, the 29-year-a player scoring 82 goals and 53 assists from 133 matches in the entire pageant competition. He alsohelped Liverpool menjuara United Kingdom League Cup 2011-2012.

The peak of the appearance of the player nicknamed El Pistolero that occurred in his final years with Liverpool. At that time, he's 31 goals in the elections caused the Premier League, and it was awarded the PFA Players ' Player of the Year 2013-2014.

"It's really different because the Liverpool supporters. Players such as Liverpool supporters. I had a moment in Liverpool, when we lost a game and playing very poorly,the supporters helped encourage us, "said Suarez.

"This is really good for the players and we loved it. I have a short story. My debut when I played in the first game was a remarkable time and when I scored it was a dream for every player, "he continued.

Perform a hit with Liverpool making Barcelona tertartik meminangnya. Barca finally bought Luis Suarez from Liverpool with around 81.72 million euros ($ 1.2 trillion) on July 11, 2014.

Manchester United 1-3 defeat to swallow while on a trip to the headquarters of theWatford, Vicarage Road Stadium, on the advanced party of Premier League 2016-2017. Responding to the defeat, the Red Devils Manager, Jose Mourinho, assessing his team needed a repair of the individual and the collective.

Watford Watford's first goal on 34 minutes. MU had a chance to equalize on 62 minutes through young striker Marcus Rashford action. However, Watford's successful creating two goals through the donations of Juan Zuniga (83 ') and penalty Troy Deeney (90 + 5 ').

Luis Suarez Recalled the good times in Liverpool

It marked the third defeat MU consecutively. The Red Devils before submission to 1-2 against Manchester City at Old Trafford Stadium, Saturday (10/9/1999). Then, the Red Devils gave up 0-1 when facing off against Feyenoord in Group A match of theinaugural Europa League 2016-2017 (16/9/1999).

"I always feel disappointed when we could not get the desired results. This is a situation that clearly we should change. We must improve the performance of individually and collectively, "said Mourinho.

Premier League alerts you, MU has a 59 percent possession. MU only twice threatened the Watford goal of 15 experiments. As, Watford scored three goals in five opportunities.

"We are not playing nice in 25 to 30 minutes early, it's something that we can control. We can fix it. However, the line judge and referee mistakes could not we control,"he added.