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According To Allegri, Roma Could Still Champion

Luciano Spalletti wants Roma could have changed formations. Not impossible, they play with a three-Defender scheme while visiting the headquarters of Juventus in Serie A, advanced Sunday (24/1/2016).

Rome is actually more familiar with the formation of the four players behind as raised by Rudi Garcia. This is retained when Spalletti melakoni debut both in the first round of the party con Hellas Verona, January 17, 2016.

According to Spalletti, I Giallorossi insufficient has one tactic of baku. He demanded that the children asuhnya to hone a new formation at a training session last weekend.

"There are some movements happening naturally by the player. However, there is a problem when the team changed the scheme of four into three or five players back,"said Spalletti.

"Juventus teach each team that it is important to have the option. I also never said, the team should be able to change the attitude in the match, "he said.

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According To Allegri, Roma Could Still Champion

Spalletti had tried his own format of three players back at the second half of the cons of Verona. He was not so that this change is one of the preparations against Juventus.

"If we would 2nd with Juventus, we had to look beautiful. We had to find her own style and understand how to develop it. Yes, there is a possibility we play with three centre back tomorrow, "said Spalletti.

Not the first time Spalletti applying mental "chameleon". Under Spalletti from 2005 to 2009, Rome carrying the 4-2-3-1 formation as raw and 3-4-3 as backup tactics.

Juventus, coach Massimiliano Allegri, is still regarded AS Roma Scudetto-winning as a candidate for 2015-2016. It said the second meeting of the team ahead of the Allegri on Serie A Juventus advanced Stadium, Sunday (24/1/2016).

Before the game starts, Juventus was ranked second with a collection of 42 points from 20 matches. As for the Roma is stuck in fifth position with seven-figure difference from Juventus.

Note minor participated and influenced the position of Rome. They just won one ofthe last party of eight Italian Serie a. However, Allegri was reluctant to disparage the opposing team.

"Rome is still a contender's match because they have quality players. They definitelyreact after the turn of the coach. This is Juventus against Rome, which means difficult and important, "said Allegri.

"I don't believe if there is a large team of five residents crossed out of the hunt for the title," he said.

Instead, Allegri was reluctant to jemawa even though his team to win ten Serie A matches consecutively. Currently, Juventus is still linked to two points with Napoli as pemuncak.

"We have had some victories, but have yet to achieve anything. There is still a long way to go. We can only hope that Napoli lost momentum, "said Allegri.

Juventus is not allowed to be felt had the upper hand. At the first meeting, August 30, 2015, I Giallorossi won with a score of 2-1.

According To Allegri, Roma Could Still Champion

Roberto Mancini and Inter Milan received a request Maurizio Sarri Napoli coach after it flashes the words of insult at the quarter-final match of the Coppa Italy on Tuesday (19/1/2016).

Top words of profanity by calling it gay Sarri Mancini has been punished from the highest authority of the Italy football, Lega Calcio. He got sanction as many as two games and fined 20,000 euros over his actions.

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Mancini was also sentenced to a fine of 5,000 euro because it applies not to respect match officials on the party that won Inter Milan 2-0.

Inter seemed to be increasingly reluctant to memperkeruh situations and attempting to dampen the dispute between the two coaches.

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"Now the time is right to end the multiplicity of discussions about what happened a few minutes before the match ended," wrote an official statement of Inter Milan.

"Real Madrid and the Club accepted the apology Maurizio Sarri and Naples. Now we ask the attention of the media and public to get back into the match in the Italian Serie A and the Coppa Italy. "

When the party takes place has got also punishment Mancini with expelled from the sidelines.

Before Mancini says, "men like him should not be in the world of football. He should be ashamed of the 60-year-old already. "

To Rai Sport, Sarri has also said, "what I am saying is in no way directed to Mancini.I've even lend a hand at the end of the game as a form of apology. He should havereceived. "

Bonaventure: Milan Should Have Won!

AC Milan's midfield pillars, Giacomo Bonaventura, judging that his team deserved towin in the Serie A match at Empoli cons Carlo Castellani Stadium on Saturday(23/1/2016) ending drew 2-2.

Milan had twice led through goals from Carlos Bacca (8 minutes) and Bonaventure(48 '). However, they also identified twice by Empoli, Piotr Zielinski (32 ') and Massimo Maccarone almost equalised (61 ').

"We should have won, but failed to maintain the advantage," said Bonaventure to Mediaset Premium.

The players numbered 28 backs it considers his team wasn't able to endure with solid.

"Empoli play nice. However, we should stick with the better. We led twice and could not defend it, "said 26-year-old midfielder was.

He said in order for Milan began to focus on next game in order to achieve the targets that have been set.

"Now, we must stare ahead and take the points. If not, it will be difficult to reach our goal, "said Bonaventure.

"Now, we hope Inter don't break away from our pursuit," he said.

Bonaventure: Milan Should Have Won!

Il Rosso Italian target this season is the League's third-place finish in Italy.

However, when Inter win over Carpi at Giuseppe Meazza Stadium on Sunday(24/1/2016), then the distance both teams would be 10 points.

Currently, the Nerazzurri ranked three standings, while Milan haven't budged from the 6th position.

AC Milan had to settle for taking home one point from the last visit to the Carlo Castellani Stadium, home to Empoli, Friday (30/1/2016) or Sunday early morning GMT. Iplay for Milan drew 2-2 in the game.

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Carlos Bacca brings superior AC Milan ahead in the 8th minute. He successfully completed the bait breakthrough from Luca Antonelli kick with the right foot, which leads to the left side of the goal Empoli.

Piotr Zelinski making equally strong score on 32 minutes. He kicks utilizing breakthrough bait Riccardo Saponara failed to stem Gianluigi Donnarumma.

Bonaventure: Milan Should Have Won!

AC Milan returned the second-half when superior walking 3 minutes. This time, lures M'baye Niang completed Giacomo Bonaventura kick the left foot without being able to anticipated Luke Skorupski.

However, Empoli could respond again on 51 minutes. From a situation of chaos thatoriginated from the corner kick, left leg Massimo Maccarone almost equalised to make the score drew 2-2.

There are no additional goals. AC Milan and Empoli had to be satisfied with one additional points thanks to a 2-draw.

AC Milan is now ranked sixth with 33 points, winning a number of top Sassuolo andEmpoli. AC Milan argued 2 digits from AS Roma which is ranked 4th and will be played on Sunday (24/1/2016).

In another match held Saturday, Frosinone played a goalless draw against Atalanta.

The attackers Sampdoria, Antonio Cassano, claiming to have many demons within him. In addition, he believes that it is already doing a sacrifice for the team that he never did before.

"I have many demons within me, but when you become a dad and have a family, your life will change. Everything is changing for the better, "said Cassano told Sky Sport Italy cited Football Italy, Friday (30/1/2016).

"All the problems that I have created, all the demons within me, they left, and now I am happy, like all the others," he said again.

Attaccante aged 33 years it's been unfortunate transverse defended big clubs, such as AS Roma, Real Madrid, AC Milan, Inter Milan, and Parma. Now, with costumed Sampdoria, he felt back to his best performance, even though it had undergone difficult times.

"I returned to Sampdoria and are having some problems with the pattern of exercise, with Walter Zenga, and many other situations that are not going right," said Cassano.

"Then Vincenzo Montella came and said ' we're going to start over from scratch ', then I make a sacrifice that I've never done in my life before. Now we can see the results, "he said.

Bonaventure: Milan Should Have Won!

The numbered backs football 99 was added, "Cassano's new head has content different, more humble, more in the spirit of sacrifice, and did a lot of things in my careerthat I never did before."

In the latest three matches in Serie A, Cassano contributed two assists against Genoa and scored one goal, kala Conference Juventus.

Now, title-winning Serie A Young Footballer of the Year in 2001 and 2003, is dreaming of a place in the Italy national team squads for Euro 2016.

"It is very difficult, but I know Antonio Conte and according to what he said I still have little chance," said Cassano.

"It's almost impossible, but there is no harm in trying," said the owner of 39 caps the Azzurri uniform wrapped it.