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The legend of MU's suggestions in order to make the best Attacker So Rashford

Young players Marcus Rashford get advice from legendary Manchester United, striker Andy Cole, so she can continue to evolve and his playing is getting mature. What is it?

Marcus Rashford public discussion the subject of football lovers United Kingdom after performing impressively together THY last season. 18 year old player that scored8 goals in 18 joint party MU last season.

This season, the new package Rashford one MU of three goals for the Magpies. Thegoal he created at a match against Hull City (27/8/2016). However, he appeared alongside beringas League U-21 United Kingdom by creating a hattrick against Norwayin the Group 9 qualifying match of the European Championship U-21 2017 (7/9/1999).

"You have to enjoy what you are doing. He elected to enter the first team and it looks like he was enjoying it. As a young player, he does not have the pressure, "said Cole.

"So you have to go out and enjoy Your football play. It seems that being Rashford do currently. He scored the goal go to Hull and hattrick shared League U-21 United Kingdom recently, "he added.

Rashford's debut goal with the team senior MU was present at the match against Arsenal (28/2/2016). He scored two goals and bring THY victory by a score of 3-2.

The legend of MU's suggestions in order to make the best Attacker So Rashford

Rashford scored again when THY face against Manchester City at Etihad Stadium (20/3/2016). Golnya in the 16th minute bring MU 1-0 victory. It marked the first victory over City at MU an away game since the year 2012.

"I will do the same thing if my age bracket Rashford. He has the speed. She moves and ran quickly. Players like this always raises problems in the midfield, "connect theCole.

"He proved it last season against Manchester City. He becomes an asset that comesoff the bench. The enemy would mewaspadainya because he can change the course of the match, "he said.

Marcus Rashford has a great opportunity to again fill the attacking midfield MU when into the headquarters of the Watford, Vicarage Road Stadium, on the advancedparty of Premier League 2016-2017, Sunday (18/9/2016).

The Manchester United midfielder, Ander Herrera, Manager Jose Mourinho promised to work and practice hard in order to get a place in the core of Red Devils squad.

Andre Herrera this season is already a three-time defending MU at the Premier League 2016-2017. However, New Spain-born Player was once performed in full, in a match against AFC Bournemouth in laga perdana (14/8/2016).

The legend of MU's suggestions in order to make the best Attacker So Rashford

27 year old player that appeared for 90 minutes when Feyenoord face THY action in the Europa League group A prime 2016-2017 (15/9/1999). Unfortunately, Herrera gave MU triumph. The Red Devils fell with the score 0-1.

"One thing I can say is I am a team player. I'm always ready if the manager needs me. Of course, I want to play from the beginning. But, I am hard to do at the Club ofMU, "says Herrera.

"I am going to practice and work hard. So, I am always ready whenever the Manager require me. I have a lot of mistakes because I am human. I will never give up, "he added.

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The presence of Paul Pogba became the main reason lack Herrera get a chance to play at Manchester United. Pogba and Herrera have the same position i.e. central midfielder. Pogba has always been the main plihan Mourinho in the midfield and has already performed four times defended the Red Devils, three in the Premier League and one in the UEFA Europa League.

However, the performance of the last two games in the Pogba many get criticism. Hence, a large sign Ander Herrera had to appear since the beginning when MU into the headquarters of the Watford, Vicarage Road Stadium, in a match continued Premier League 2016-2017, Sunday (18/9/2016).

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