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This Reason Zlatan Ibrahimovic Pleased Getting A Lot Of Criticism

Arsenal Manager Arsene Wenger, assessing the people will never forget the goal of the "scorpion kick" ala Olivier Giroud scored against Crystal Palace at Premier League matches, at the Emirates Stadium, Sunday (1/1/2017).

Arsenal win two goals without reply over Crystal Palace. Olivier Giroud had a goal inthe 17th minute, while the rest written Alex Iwobi (56 ').

"He transformed into art, because the goal of surprise, the beauty of the movement,and efficiency. Any attacker will definitely remember one, twoor three goals specials--and the thing (goals against Crystal Palace) will always be with him, "said Arsene Wenger.

Not only is the case of Arsene Wenger goals Olivier Giroud. Several players Arsenalever assess the player indeed often do such goals while undergoing training.

"I've often seen Giroud do like that on the sidelines of a joint training session. So, we all know if he indeed can do beautiful goals using the model of the Scorpion kick, "says Hector Bellerin.

This Reason Zlatan Ibrahimovic Pleased Getting A Lot Of Criticism

In the summer of 2016-2017, Olivier Giroud had had seven goals and three assists in 17 games. Arsenal currently is ranked third with 40 points from 19 matches, or left behind nine digits from Chelsea in the first position.

Manchester United bomber, Zlatan Ibrahimovicclaiming to love it if people criticizethe game. Sweden midfielder was feeling increasingly motivated to get better.

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"I have had a fantastic year. I don't know how many years left, but I enjoy the current situation. I came to the Premier League and people say I will not be a success. However, I can make them swallow all of that nonsense, "said Ibrahimovic.

"The criticism made me got a lot of energy. I got a lot of energy because they are going to pay for all that shit and I get paid because it plays with my feet. That's whyI'm happy with it, "said Ibrahimovic.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic came to Manchester United at the start of this season. Some haddoubted if former Sweden national team players can succeed together his newClub.

It is based on the reason because the age of Zlatan Ibrahimovic had already reached number 35. To the size of a football, that age is an excuse. Moreover, the competition is known as the Premier League demanding the players have qualified physical endurance.

This Reason Zlatan Ibrahimovic Pleased Getting A Lot Of Criticism

However, Zlatan Ibrahimovic was in fact able to silence all the presumption tilted. The former Ajax player, Juventus, Barcelona and PSG was able to appear chic along with Manchester United, collecting 12 goals and three assists in the Premier League so far.

Manchester City's Manager, Pep Guardiola, rumored to Mirror, Monday (2/1/2017),was furious after his team lost 0-1 in Liverpool on the 19th week match Premier League at Anfield, Saturday (31/12/2016).

Liverpool determined goals Georginio Wijnaldum at the eighth minute. For Manchester City, this defeat leaves them descent to fifth while Premier League standings by10 points from Chelsea who is in the first position.

"Of course the managers (Pep Guardiola) angry at the first half. When you lose and Liverpool played better, when you lose like that, surely not running fun in the first half, "said midfielder Toure Yaya, Manchester City.

"He is a manager who can get angry as well. We sometimes have to evolve and react to those situations. So, he will be angry for everything that happened, "said Yaya Toure.

According to the Premier League, Manchester City, along the release of nine two shots accurate experiment, with mastery of the ball 57 percent, while Liverpool only created one chance gold from five attempts.

"We should be aware of Liverpool are playing well and deserve the three points. However, we can learn from this and what the Manager said. In my opinion, you have to ask what he has to say. When you lose, what do you do? You are certainly disappointed, "said Yaya Toure.

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