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Jose Mourinho: Paul Pogba Would Ballon d'Or Difficult

The Manchester United manager, Jose Mourinho, Judge Paul Pogba could have won the Ballon d'Or if voters do not only focus on the number of goals scored the award-winning candidates. According to him, Paul Pogba could match the level of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

"What needs to be changed is the thought of the people, because the goalkeeper of course would never have won the Ballon d'Or and the very rare Defender to win it too--not even Paolo Maldini ever. Even for a midfielder it was not easy because everyone referred to against a scorer, "said Jose Mourinho.

"Michael Owen won the Golden Ball since golnya, and Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi scored a lot of goals. All of them is a phenomenal player, but, in my opinion, until you change the concept and vision, it (Paul Pogba won the Ballon d'Or) will be difficult. "

"However, if Paul keep growing this way and if Manchester United keep growing and played well in Europe, according to me, he's going to be a phenomenal player," Jose Mourinho added.

Jose Mourinho: Paul Pogba Would Ballon d'Or Difficult

The statement disclosed that Jose Mourinho responded to the appearance of Paul Pogba, against Middlesbrough at Old Trafford, Saturday (31/12/2016). Paul Pogba scored the decisive 2-1 victory over The Boro.

"He could be in a dangerous position. She also has a nice kick. He can disclose a goal outside penalty area and very nice also in the air. He could have scored a goal like today is even from the dead ball situations, "praise Jose Mourinho.

He's very qualified. So, let's see. At the moment, we are thinking of in the team rather than the individual. So, we have a lot of time to develop, "said Jose Mourinho.

Paul Pogba anchored to Old Trafford from Juventus with the status as the most expensive player in the world in 2016 summer transfer. The 23 year old midfielder has had six goals and four assists in 25 games at various event.

Olivier Giroud opened the scoring for Arsenal's victory over Crystal Palace, on follow-up action Premier League 2016-2017, Sunday (1/1/2017). Scorpion kick via scorerOlivier Giroud while bringing Arsenal winning 2-0, after Alex Iwobi bust nets team on menitke-56.

After the game, Olivier Giroud goals at the Emirates Stadium, became the talk of cyberspace. The netizen busy-busy appealing action Olivier Giroud with goals from midfielder Henrikh Mkhitaryan, Manchester United.

Jose Mourinho: Paul Pogba Would Ballon d'Or Difficult

Football legend Gary Lineker, United Kingdom call what do Giroud ' unusual '. "No need to be questioned again. Giroud managed to scored the most beautiful this year, "Lineker wrote in a personal Twitter account.

The former Manchester United defender Gary Neville considers the goals that gave him a sense of ' other ' as a commentator. "Previously, I never comment on a goal like that. Where can I get the goals that have a parallel quality as do Giroud? "said Neville, about gol Olivier Giroud.

Olivier Giroud scored via the Scorpion Kick attractions at laga cons Crystal Palace, at the Emirates Stadium, Sunday (1/1/2017). According to Defender Hector Bellerin, Olivier Giroud already accustomed to doing the ' attractions ' led to a goal like that in the practice session.

Giroud scored in the 17th minute. At those games, Arsenal reaped the victory 2-0. One other goal came from Alex Iwobi action on 56 minutes. For the touchdown, making it Giroud collecting 5 goals in Premier League 2016-2017.

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The goal made Giroud capable scored consecutively on the last two games. Previously, he ripped the nets West Bromwich Albion, on Boxing Day, 2016.

"I've often seen Giroud do like that on the sidelines of a joint training session. So, we all know if he indeed can do beautiful goals using the model of the Scorpion kick, "says Bellerin.

Petr Čech reveals, Olivier Giroud always took myself a Scorpion kick attraction skills."The results are directly visible. I think he was indeed lucky, but not one hundred per cent. That is, he has the ability like that, "said the Arsenal goalkeeper.

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