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Wenger Confused Alexis Sanchez Take Penalty Kicks

Arsenal Manager Arsene Wenger, criticized the decision of Alexis Sanchez who took the penalty kick when his team against Hull City at the stadium Saturday, KCOM (17/9/1999).

Arsenal won 4-1 victory over Hull City at the fifth weekend of Premier League action2016-2017. Offside Cannon London printed by Alexis Sanchez (17 ' and 83 '), TheoWalcott (55 '), and Granit Xhaka (90 '). Meanwhile, Hull scored the only goal by Robert Snodgrass (79 ').

Arsenal could have won by a bigger score penalty if Sanchez at minute 41 cannot fail. That is criticized by Wenger because of supposed Santi Cazorla who becomes firsthis executors.

"Supposedly, penalty kicks were taken by Santi Cazorla. I don't know why that didn't happen, "Wenger told the BBC.

"If Santi Cazorla did not want to take that kick or Alexis Sanchez who indeed want it? We had absolute rules and they should accept it in the field. But, what happened to him was not planned, "said Wenger.

Victory over Hull to make Arsenal climbed to order three standings while scoring 10 points. In the next game, Fortress Emirates will try out the power of Nottingham Forest in the League Cup third round matches United Kingdom, Friday (20/9/2016).

Wenger Confused Alexis Sanchez Take Penalty Kicks

Defender Manchester United (MU), Luke Shaw, was hoping his team could performpressing Watford since the beginning of the epoch of the fifth week of action on conflicting Premier League 2016-2017, Sunday (18/9/2016).

As is known, MU was in a situation less nice after losing two games in the streak. The first Red Devils defeat i.e. when submit 1-2 Manchester City (11/9/2016).

Then, Jose Mourinho ever minor results when Feyenoord defeated with a score of 0-1 in the first match of UEFA Europa League matchday (16/9/1999).

"We must start the game with sharp. Because, on two previous defeats we created several opportunities but there's not much that clearly could be the goal, "said Shaw.

"Both the action already passed and we have to keep staring ahead. We have to focus on ourselves and focus how we initiate action. We must initiate the action denganl nice and hope to be scored quickly made us comfortable, "said Shaw.

MU is currently sixth in the standings with nine points. Wayne Rooney and his friends left behind six points from pemuncak while the standings, Manchester City.

Paul Pogba has continued to experience pressure ahead of the Premier League game between Manchester United face Watford at Vicarage Road, WatfordSunday (18/9/2016).

The world's most expensive player status as, Pogba votes have not contributed the maximum to The Red Devils. Of individual statistics, Pogba has not recorded a goalor an assist in four games which has already traveled.

Wenger Confused Alexis Sanchez Take Penalty Kicks

It is cornering the Pogba position at Manchester United. Various news media slanted-United Kingdom media mentions, France midfielder was more concerned with his ego rather than the needs of the team.

Pogba any prosecuted some Manchester United supporters to immediately improveperformance, as been done along with Juventus. If not, the 23-year-old player that could have been increasingly drowning in a sea of criticism that menerjangnya.

Asuhnya children do not want to get great pressure, Manager Jose Mourinho tried to neutralize the situation. The Special One still consider Pogba as important playersthat need adaptation as a new player.

"A world record for a player will always be the question until someone else broke the record. In my opinion, there is a club that can afford the 20, 30, or 40 (million pounds) more than what is already MU spend to recruit Pogba, because you have to look at the relationship between nominal you pay and the benefit of the Club, "said Mourinho.

"Performing at the European Cup final, did not undergo pramusim, vacation, and returned to play. So, normally on the first weekend, he had great influence. However, normal also after the game, he first experienced a decrease in performance. Even so, I still believe in full to him because I know what kind of player he is. "

"I know he is a young player with big ambitions. So, the performance will go joint natural team. This team will grow, and so does Paul. So, in my opinion, there is no problem, "Mourinho added.

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Correction performance exercised Pogba on game cons The Hornets later on. Pogba, howevermust be confronted on his close ranks of Watford midfielder who filled five regular players since Walter Mazzarri is handled.

Moreover, Mazzarri would count on Roberto Pereyra as General midfield team. ForMazzarri, Pereyra is a valuable player, even rather then Pogba.

"Pereyra was the great players always perform energetically. If told to choose, I choose Pereyra than Pogba. Though, that Pogba type players champion minded individuals, "said Mazzarri.

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