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Sunderland Vs Liverpool Prediction: A Test Of Physical Endurance

Liverpool will match melakoni cons Sunderland at the weekend Premier League Stadium in ff Light, Monday (2/1/2017). Later action was the test physical endurance for Jurgen Klopp's team squads.

Liverpool are in a scintillating performance. From the last five matches in the Premier League, they were able to grab four victories and one draw.

Positive results included when silence Manchester City 1-0 at the weekend Premier League at Anfield Stadium (31/12/2016). As a result, Liverpool are in second place while the standings with 43 points, lagging six figures from Chelsea.

Although armed with a resounding note, Jurgen Klopp are required to rotate skuatnya in order to continue to be competitive throughout the season. Just FYI, Liverpoolare required to play in only two games in less than three days.

"I will wait for information from the medical team to determine the composition of the team in a match against Sunderland. Game later made us cannot practise, because of the time that we can be very short, "said Klopp.

"It is a matter that must be resolved and you will have to rotate squad. However, we must also prepare for a game later with a mature tactics. So, we will play against theSundeland style with the best games, "said Klopp.

Sunderland Vs Liverpool Prediction: A Test Of Physical Endurance

See the order of players in Jurgen Klopp, midfielder sector predicted would still loseits flagship player. Reportedly, Jordan Henderson and Georginio Wijnaldum will supply the ball from second-line to Adam Lallana.

Then, Daniel Sturridge and Divock Origi was believed to be the first since playing minutes, to replace the role of Sadio Mane and Roberto Firminho.

On the other hand, Sunderland are in a bad period at this time. Of the total of the last five games, David Moyes's team squads only able to grab the one victory and swallowed four defeat.

As a result, Sunderland is 18th in the standings by 12 points. They left behind two points from Crystal Palace that sits at no. 17, or the deadline for the zone of degradation.

Although armed with a negative note, David Neville is optimistic his team can achieve positive results. According to former Manchester United coach it, son asuhnya had been working hard to get the maximum results.

"We hope we can survive very well in the match later. It will be a different game than ever before. However, we must be quick to prepare us for the match later, "said Moyes.

Sunderland Vs Liverpool Prediction: A Test Of Physical Endurance

United Kingdom League top scorer 2016-2017 until the weekend still led by Chelseastriker, Diego Costa. Additional thanks to one goal when breaking into the goal Stoke City, the Brazil-born bomber now collected a total of 14 goals.

The second and third positions on the list of United Kingdom League top scorer 2016-2017 also still occupied by the Manchester United striker, Zlatan Ibrahimovic andArsenal striker Alexis Sanchez. Both players failed to add to the coffers of pe golnyaon the weekend and was still stuck with 12 goals.

While it was a top of the League last season, United Kingdom Harry Kane started toshow the first appearance. United Kingdom striker who played for Tottenham Hotspur that managed to buy up two touchdowns when The Lilly Whites conquered hostsWatford 4-1.

Now Harry Kane along with striker Sergio Aguero, Manchester City and Everton striker Romelu Refusing ranked fourth, fifth and sixth United Kingdom League top scorer 2016-2017. The third player is located at a position parallel with the number of goals in the collection 10 pieces.

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