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Former Manchester United Manager Jose Mourinho One Eye Point Of View

Arsenal Manager Arsene Wenger, reported Mirror, will take off defender Mathieu Debuchy, France origin, on the exchange of January transfer after the player throws the statement that cornered Wenger.

The situation is getting together with Arsenal Debuchy erratic after confessing that he and Wenger no longer speak. Debuchy who feel dissatisfied with the situation, throw sharp criticism to Wenger. He pointed Wenger blocking moving to Manchester United in January 2016.

However, Wenger denied the allegations, Tengku fakhry Debuchy. The Professor to confirm if he had not received any bids for Defender origin France.

"When a player is in the condition of the injured, do not may I forced her to play. I was invited to join Debuchy to Bordeaux last year, because only those clubs who do the bidding. Not true if there is an offer from Manchester United, I am really surprised with the statement, "says Wenger Debuchy.

This dispute make Wenger wouldn't mind to take off in January transfer Debuchy. He is ready to take off the player if there are clubs that are interested in them. Wenger not so feel lost if Debuchy leave Emirates Stadium because he had Hector Bellerin, Gabriel and Francis Coquelin who was able to play in the position of right Defender.

Former Manchester United Manager Jose Mourinho One Eye Point Of View

This season, Debuchy more often be in a maintenance room due to suffering from ahamstring injury. This makes it new repackaged one match Premier League competition in 2016-17, when Arsenal faced Bournemouth at the weekend Premier League (27/11/1999).

Former Manchester United manager Tommy Docherty, admitted to not impressed with Jose Mourinho currently start bringing the Red Devils back to the best performance in the Premier League.

Manchester United grabbed a 2-0 victory over West Ham United, at the London Stadium, Monday (2/1/2017), thanks to a Juan Mata goal and Zlatan Ibrahimovic. This is the seventh consecutive victory of Wayne Rooney and his friends in various eventsince 9 December.

"He (Jose Mourinho) served well, but if she makes chocolate, he will eat his own Tanit up and look at the money he had to spend," said Tommy Docherty.

"Fergie sell Paul Pogba one million pounds and they pay roughly 90 million to bring him back. Whether it's a good business? "the manager who brought Manchester United 1977 FA Cup trophy grabbed the adds.

Despite their status as former manager Tommy Docherty has bad memories along with Manchester United. After being fired in 1977, Tommy Docherty returned to Old Trafford a few years ago, only to receive a ticket to watch the game receipts.

"I can still be heading to Stamford Bridge to watch them compete more or less four times during the year. So, they are a big club who behaves like a big club, and sometimes other clubs behaving like small clubs, "said Tommy Docherty.

"I will not return to Manchester United after they fined me for paying tickets three years ago. I got the Bill 88 pounds for two-seat audience, "he said.

Former Manchester United Manager Jose Mourinho One Eye Point Of View

Tommy Docherty was fired Manchester United in July 1977 after a scandal involvedwith the wife of one of The Red Devils, physiotherapist Laurie Brown. The scandal it makes Tommy Docherty household relationship with his wife, Agnes, who has maintained more than 28 years, is over.

Manchester City's Manager, Pep Guardiola revealed some related future, Tuesday (3/1/2017). As was released, one of passion Pep Guardiola is to be golfers.

PEP Guardiola professes to want to retire to become a coach at the age of 60 years.When the moment came, Pep Guardiola does not want to take a break from the world of sports.

The result, Pep Guardiola was already thought worked his way up in the world. "If searching for me, and it occurred during retirement, you can find me on the golf course. That's when I will show how good pukulanku, "he said.

For Pep Guardiola, gof into a next option because it can overcome the age factor. In addition, the 60-year-old at the time, the movement on the golf sport makes all thelimbs move. "One more, I could keep my physical strength," said the former Barcelona coach.

On several occasions, Guardiola has a penchant for invite personnel team, good players or coaching staff, play golf. He chose it as a means of interweaving communications. "Golf makes the concentration of more and good. For the players, they can tryanother in terms of precision, "stated Pep Guardiola.

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