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Arsene Wenger Wants Juventus Midfielder

Chelsea, reported the Independent on Monday (2/1/2017), will issue a Fund of 60 million pundsterling (USD 995.44 billion) to acquire Defender Southampton, Virgil van Dijk, on stock transfers January 2017.

Antonio Conte called the squads are being hit by the crisis centre back. Media-media United Kingdom claimed, only David Luiz and Gary Cahill who has the quality control line of defence Chelsea this time.

John Terry, who has entered the age of 36 years, judged already "depleted" and is no longer a core part in the Chelsea squad. This season, the former West Ham Unitedplayer was recorded new melakoni five games in the Premier League competition. As a result, at the end of a season later the captain reportedly will leave Stamford Bridge.

Antonio Conte are essentially still have one other central defender, i.e. Zouma Kourt.However, France's players were judged to have not been in the best physical condition ever since recovering from injury in November 2016. In fact, he hasn't even played together at Chelsea senior squad this season.

Meanwhile, even though it gets the interest of Chelsea, Southampton had reportedly did not want to take off Virgil van Dijk in the near future. The only thing that could change the founding of Southampton is the nominal amount of the transfer wouldput forward The Blues.

Arsene Wenger Wants Juventus Midfielder

Chelsea is not the only club that would like to get the signature of Virgil van Dijk. Manchester City also reported media United Kingdom has prepared a Fund of 50 million pounds for the sake of smooth the process of transferring the Netherlands midfielder.

Liverpool midfielder Adam Lallana, based on data released by the Daily Mail, Tuesday (3/1/2017), recorded as a powerless cruise the highest in the last two Premier League matches of The Reds.

After a period of Boxing Day, Liverpool face Manchester City at Anfield Stadium, Saturday (31/12/2016). Liverpool won 1-0 thanks to a goal Georginio Wijnaldum. During the game, Adam Lallana accounting have a cruising range as far as 13.12 km, the highest among the other Liverpool players.

Two days later, Adam Lallana became a starter when Liverpool played 2-against Sunderland at the Stadium of Light on Monday (2/1/2016). Performing for 90 minutes, midfielder United Kingdom that for the second time consecutively record the cruising range on top of Liverpool players, namely 12.88 km.

The records make Adam Lallana is ranked first in the list of the 10 players with the highest cruising range over a period of solid Premier League held on 31 December and 2 January.

Crystal Palace midfielder, Mathieu Flamini was ranked second with a cruising range 12.67 km when facing Arsenal, on Sunday (1/1/2017). After that there is the star of Bingley, George Boyd, who occupy the fourth and fifth positions with average cruising range 12 km in two matches.

Arsenal's Manager, Arsene Wenger, is rumored to be trying to bring in a midfielderJuventus, Miralem Pjanic, clubs in the summer transfer.

According to Calciomercato, Wenger has already established close contact with Pjanic. Origin of the France Manager is already asking about possible Pjanic to leave to the United Kingdom.

Arsene Wenger Wants Juventus Midfielder

The players gave a positive response and is ready to try his skill in competition Premier League. The response to make sure you are able to bring Wenger Pjanic landed at Emirates Stadium.

Arsenal is reportedly already preparing a bid by 28 million pounds ($ 463.7 billion) to bring the 26 year old midfielder to United Kingdom. At the beginning of the season, Juventus 17 2016-redeem Pjanic from AS Roma at a price of 25 million pounds ($ 414.02 billion).

Wenger is planning on making Pjanic as successor to Santi Cazorla. Currently, Cazorla was already in the final phase of his career and his physical condition is already much decreased due to an injury that does not stop them.

The 32-year-old playmaker recently chalked up eight joint appearance for Arsenal in the Premier League, 2016-17.

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