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Christian Benteke Not sorry to join Liverpool

The former midfielder Manchester United (MU), Paul Scholes, rate to maximize the role of Paul Pogba, the Red Devils had to find a new quarterback.

This statement expressed Scholes after MU lose 0-1 from Feyenoord in the UEFA Europa League, Thursday or Friday (16/9/2016) early morning GMT. In the game, a status as the Pogba, the most expensive player of the world, not the maximum.

Whereas, Mourinho is already put in the position of Pogba "No. 10" that regular assigned Rooney in midfield. The United Kingdom origin attackers did not appear against Feyenoord after Mourinho ended

"In my opinion, Mourinho must return the Exchange saw a transfer to find a quarterback game controller, which can help to control the game and control the Pogba," said Scholes.

"Players like Luka Modric or Toni Kroos and I think the players that allow. Paul Pogba will be much better with a play with one of them, "former national team midfielder United Kingdom was added.

Christian Benteke Not sorry to join Liverpool

Pogba joined MU from Juventus on August 8, 2016. Up to now, France midfielder had not scored a goal or an assist in four games, with the details of the three in the Premier League and Europa League one.

Joe Hart confessed to not save the revenge on Manchester City, Manager Pep Guardiola. In fact, United Kingdom national team goalkeeper it respect Guardiola decision which removed him from the main City squads.

Hart reinforces Manchester City since the 2006-2007 season. For almost 10 seasonsdefends The Citizens, players 29 years it appeared in 348 matches and record 137 clean sheets.

Thanks to those contributions, Man City won two trophies Premier League titles, one FA Cup and two League Cup champion United Kingdom.

However, since Pep Guardiola sitting in the Chair of Manchester City Manager at the start of this season, the position of Joe Hart as the goalkeeper started ousted. He became just the third goalkeeper after Claudio Bravo and Willy Caballero.

Not want to warm the bench, Hart chose foster distance of Etihad Stadium. He wentto Torino until the end of 2016-2017 season on loan.

Christian Benteke Not sorry to join Liverpool

"When Guardiola arrived, she's very honest to me, he explained to me the question of its intention as well as giving me the opportunity to vote and I have decided," says Hart.

"I thank all the affection you show here. Everyone has their own opinion, Championslike this and I like it. Now I shared my Torino and should make a contribution sebesar-sebesarnya, "she continued.

Joe Hart has been undergoing its debut together against Torino Atalanta in a Serie A match of the third week, Sunday (11/9/2016). But, Hart did blunder and create a Torino swallow 1-2 defeat of Atalanta.

"This is a way to start again and revive my career. This is a great opportunity to work here in the Serie A, "said Joe Hart.

Christian Benteke never regretted his decision to join Liverpool. Despite failing to shine, Benteke can feel pride in uniform The Reds for one season.

Appearing alongside his impressive Aston Villa make attackers origin Belgium it became one of the many players who hunted the big European clubs. Of a few enthusiasts, Liverpool finally managed to get the servicing Benteke.

The Reds to spend 46.5 million euros ($ 683 billion) for a 25-year-old players, he brought it to Anfield. Status as one of the top striker in the Premier League, he digadang-gadang be a substitute Luis Suarez who was invited to Barcelona.

Rather than being the engine of goals for The Reds, KRC Genk player its founders came the Academy was thus often appear disappointing. Benteke only capable of scoring 10 goals from 42 games rehearsal with Liverpool.

"An honor to be able to play for Liverpool, a club with a great history. I'm not playing or doing as I wish. It was my decision to go there and I don't regret anything, "said Benteke as reported by Sky Sports.

"I didn't have a chance to prove it. I learned everything about football. That's whyI'm not angry towards anyone in there, "he said.

Minimal contribution made The Red Squad, Manager Jurgen Klopp, decided to remove the Christian Benteke at bursa transfer earlier this season. He accepted an offer from Crystal Palace.

The Eagles redeem Benteke from Liverpool is 31.2 million euro (USD 458 billion) on August 20, 2016. Players complete Christian Benteke named Liolo agreed signed a contract with four seasons.

"A sense of frustration to myself that in the short time I have to play, but I can't do it as I want. Brendan Rodgers do everything for me when I arrived, I was injured and I can't do much. I would like to do more, "said the player currently plays for 191 cmit.

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