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6 Things which must shortly be done Mourinho at Manchester United

Manchester United have already officially getting Jose Mourinho as Manager which replaces the position of Louis van Gaal reacted. Origin of man that Portugal could soon be expected to revive the Red Devils team disappeared, along with the departure of legendary manager Sir Alex Ferguson who retired in 2013.

Reputation owned Mourinho makes himself judged worthy to restore prestige MU after Sir Alex go. But there are some things that are important and should be done by the man nicknamed "The Special One that in thee. What is it?

1. Unite the Entire Element Club
Mourinho had a great reputation along with the clubs who had previously trained such as Porto, Inter Milan, Chelsea and Real Madrid. But the train, which had a myriad of achievements in the era of Sir Alex, had its own challenges.

The MOU should be able to bring together all the elements of the Club as a player,official, supporters, to the former player who is now a legend. If you can do this, thetask of the Mou will be a little lighter.

6 Things which must shortly be done Mourinho at Manchester United

After the arrival of the Mou, ex players MU who becomes assistant coach Louis vanGaal reacted, Ryan Giggs decides to go. Giggs ending devotion during 29 years at Old Trafford.

It could be a blow to create the Red Devils squad if the Mou is not the right figure pointing to become assistant coach. Don't forget, the Mou also must be able to embrace the kind of legend Sir Bobby Charlton and Paul Scholes that his opinion is still quite influential made the team.

2. Select Players wisely
THY've got Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Henrikh Mkhitaryan, and Eric Bailly as a new player.On the contrary, there has been no official MU players released.

MOU must determine who is wise would removed or retained. He must also recruitobservant players.

Lest he follow in the footsteps of Louis van Gaal reacted given the luxury to bring a number of players with expensive price but was unable to offer the prestigious title.In addition, the Mou could also be the expected appeal of the players hounded MUas Paul Pogba.

Examples can already be seen from the arrival of the Spanish. Though not Manchester United play in the Champions League next season, Ibrahimovic remains willing tojoin you. One reason is because the figure of Mourinho who will be his coach in MU.

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6 Things which must shortly be done Mourinho at Manchester United

3. Continue to develop Young Talent
One of the positive side in the time of Louis van Gaal reacted coaching at MU was the emergence of young players that penetrates the core team. Last season, playerssuch as Marcus MU Academy upbringing Rashford, Jesse Lingard, Timothy Fosu Mensah-Borthwick and Cameron-Jackson is believed to have appeared.

United have a great tradition in producing players of correction internal Academy.While the Mou is not a lot of young players establish a genuine Book Club dilatihnya. Exceptions can only be seen on Rapahael and Kurt Varane Zouma which is a product of the Academy of Real Madrid and Chelsea. Both orbits when the team trained the Mou.

4. restore the honor of the Club
During Sir Alex dealt, no opponent can go around mocking the United. Sir Alex often took off comment psywar made team manager Jose Mourinho's rivals, including kala still deal with Chelsea. This makes MU as a respected Club to the European level.

But after Sir Alex retires, MU had no longer a figure meant to process words and give achievements worth it. MOU is renowned as a clever Manager commented at once give the achievement. He should be able to portray the figure of the moment became the leader in MU so that Team Red Devils back respected opponents.

5. noisy Neighbours to surpass
After Sir Alex goes, Manchester United can only bear witness to a time Manchester City its success became League champions United Kingdom 2013-2014 or qualify to the Champions League. The defeat of the rival city clubs that Sir Alex was nicknamed the noisy neighbor that it certainly cannot happen again.

But the challenge is not light because the Mou City also had a new coach, namely Josep Guardiola. During the handling of Real Madrid, the Mou involved the rivalry with Barcelona who is the coach of Barcelona. Interesting to see a new round of competition along with Barcelona Club cons Mou new respectively.

6 Things which must shortly be done Mourinho at Manchester United

6. Determine the fate of Wayne Roone
Wayne Rooney is already MU captains served for 12 years at the Club. But Rooney'sposition as a striker becomes a question mark because he had to compete with Ibrahimovic, Rashford, and Anthony Martial.

More recently, Rooney also often played as a midfielder. However, the position is not too shiny Rooney's appearance, both in the United Kingdom national team or MU.

Exciting to wait for what the Mou on Rooney. Has to keep believing Rooney main orPark as experienced on the Captain John Terry at Chelsea?

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