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This Mental Coach Sure Can Help:

A mental coach Italy, Giovanni Gabrielli, says that her dream can handle striker Mario Balotelli to correct attitude at once the origin of the Italy striker's career.

"My biggest Dream is to deal with Inter because I sure could help him to change his attitude," said Giovanni Gabrielli told the Corriere dello Sport.

"They have made a mistake by treating him like a child or putting too much responsibility on his shoulders. He must be accompanied in an adventure to understand their behaviour, "he said.

Gabrielli rate decision: return to Italy was the right step. However, according to him,AC Milan is not a suitable place to regain the trust of the 25-year-old striker.

This is due to the condition of Central Milan set a target is great for back to be one of the best teams in Italy. According to Gabrielli, target it will be a huge burden for the players includes Milan, Balotelli.

"In my opinion, bring him back to Italy is a positive thing. However, if I consider the dynamics inside the Milan Club at the moment, this is not the ideal Club for him, "said Gabrielli.

"I've seen him play better in a team not so much is under the spotlight, where he can work without constant attention," he added.

This Mental Coach Sure Can Help:

Balotelli returned to Milan on loan after failing to perform impressive with Liverpoolin 2014-15. Previously, he was in uniform for Milan in 2013-14.

As Roma managed to get one more new players on the last day of the summer transfer stock 2015 on William Vainqueur. France midfielder was admitted to not think long to accept the offer of the Giallorossi.

Vainqueur brought in Rome from Dynamo Moscow with a price was not disclosed. The opportunity to join with Roma is welcomed by players aged 26 years as a careerdevelopment.

"I feel very proud to wear the uniform. It feels wonderful to be able to be here, because I have been watching Serie A since I was a kid and Rome is one of the most important clubs in Italy, a "Vainqueur said to Rome.

"I spoke with the dealer about this transfer three weeks ago and as soon as I heardof the existence of an interest of Rome, I immediately received. They have players such as Francesco Totti and Daniele De Rossi in a magnificent stadium, "he said.

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In addition, when feeling pleased join Rome, Vainqueur also commented on his rolein the game. Former Nantes and Standard Liege that have peranutama to grab the ball from the midfield and keeping the balance of the team.

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"I am a midfielder, so I want to win back every ball and my teammates involved. I have a decent technique and can help attack and defense. I still need to improve the sharpness in front of goal, a "Vainqueur said.

"I will learn a lot from the players Championship here and I am very happy to be playing with them. Joint squads like this, Rome could win the title and stepped far across Europe. "

"I always wanted to play in the Champions League and face a team like Barcelona. I will work hard to conform as quickly as possible so I can help Rome succeed, "closeVainqueur.

The two defeat of Juventus at the start of the Serie A season for 2015-16 shows thatsomething has happened in the game team. For former quarterback of the Bianconeri, Edgar Davids, it is a bit overwhelming due to the loss of the figure of Arturo Vidal.

In the summer of 2015, Juventus have left by three main players they namely ArturoVidal, Andrea Pirlo, and Carlos Tevez. It certainly makes the Bianconeri had to find a new way of playing with so many new players in the squad.

"It's important to remain stoic and strong to reclaim the ball and give consistency to the team. Vidal is one of the best in the world in carrying out the role. If you lose a player like him, you have to change the way of playing, "said Davids to La Gazzeta dello Sport.

"Tactics must adapt to the players and not the other way around. After years of playing together, the players have formed a bond, so as to make the current Arsenal team is very different, "she continued.

Nonetheless, Davids pleaded not worried with the chance of winning the title for the match against Juventus at the end of the season. The former defensive midfieldertough Netherlands origin it believes the players-only takes a moment.

"I am not worried because after the success over the last four or five years, a declinein play is a normal thing. The most important thing at the moment is to make sure that it is just a phase that has to be crossed, "said Davids.

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