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The Player's Sportsmanship Serie B Will Be Rewarded A Green Card

The second caste competition in Italy, the Serie B will introduce the green card. Unlike yellow and red cards which is a warning while the punishment given to the referee, the player who did the offence, this card will be given to the player that refereesbe sportsmanship.

The award, which will be in professional football history, will start from the referee in Serie B. Thus, the field umpire for the Serie B will be pocketed three cards in each match.

"It's all about the award to the players who stand out among the other through positive actions throughout the game, and in sports in General," said the President of Serie-B Andrea Abodi.

The initiative that has been tested on the junior competition Italy and will be debuted in professional football for the first time, when Serie B begins this weekend.

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Well, this will be given green cards to the players, who for example pausing to allow the officials to take care of players injured or opponents admit the violation when no one sees it. At the end of the season, green cards will be calculated and most sportsmanlike player will be awarded that to date has not been determined what the shape is.

The Player's Sportsmanship Serie B Will Be Rewarded A Green Card

In a game where the players on a regular basis often tried to fool the officials by pretending to fall in the penalty box and pretend to get hard so that violations can bepunished, his true sportsmanship is rare. But if there is an award-winning green cardin the last couple of years, then Aaron Hunt are eligible to get it.

In a crucial Bundesliga match at FC Nuremberg in 2014, the referee awarding a penalty to Bremen after the Hunt has been dropped. But Hunt immediately stood up and protested because it felt he was not violated, so the penalty was cancelled. At the end of the match, although Bremen won 2-0, the players of Nuremberg be shakenwith Hunt.

The idea of the cards of different colors in football is not something new. UEFA President Michel Platini, one of the candidates President of FIFA, had previously suggested the use of the cards are white. It will make the referee can restrict the use of a yellow card by issuing the players temporarily.

Geoffrey Kondogbia open the voice behind the reason joined Internazionale. Young players admitted that France choose origin continued his career at Inter because of the figure of coach Roberto Mancini.

Internazionale won the hunt Kondogbia on this summer. The blue side of the city of Milan to redeem Kondogbia at a price of 35 million euros from AS Monaco.

"I think Inter is the best choice. I am new to the League and Italy coach, I think this is the best project for me to develop and enhance my career, "said the Italy FootballKondogbia was quoted as saying.

Kondogbia claims to be happy with the nature of Mancini who likes to develop potential young players. Therefore, the Kondogbia hope of harvest gold of his career in the Nerazzurri.

The Player's Sportsmanship Serie B Will Be Rewarded A Green Card

"Mancini can get the best performance from the players, I know it and see it. She also has a great character. I am honored she chose me. He also helped the young players to develop, that's the reason I chose Inter, "explained Kondogbia.

2015 summer transfer activity in Italy was officially ended on August 31.

In total, Serie a clubs spend funds amounted to 405 million pounds (nearly 8.9 trillion rupiah) to shop for players. The note is still losing the EPL record highest expenditure on the stock transfer of the summer 2015, i.e. 870 million pounds (nearly 18.9 trillion rupiah).

Who are the most expensive players and clubs which spend most on shopping FundSerie A transfer window along the 2015? The following details.

Transfer from Inter to Juventus Team be seasoning that makes the last day of the Serie A transfer exchanges increasingly sleek look.

Inter pulled off a Hernanes to Juventus for 11 million euros, or the equivalent of 175billion rupiah at the start of this week. By media Italy, Brazil midfielder was transfer votes to aggravate relations both ardent rivals it.

The atmosphere matches the derby d'Italia who meet Juventus Inter cons is often tinged a fierce series of aromas, especially due to the effects of the scandal is one.

Case setting score it causes two scudetto Juventus title deleted. The title "champion of the Serie A 2004-05 were removed, while the 2005/06 quarter-finals belongs to Inter. I Bianconeri else punished down level to Serie B in 2006.

Hernanes had highlighted Arsenal's public exhortations induced sharp related that case.

When the new hijrah from Lazio to Inter in 2014, Hernanes has this to say: "I love being part of this Club Inter the only that never relegated to Serie b."

Media play back these comments when question story Hernanes officially joined Juventus. He alleviates tension.

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