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Fiorentina, The Time Is Speeding!

The weekend yesterday, swallowing heavy losses from Fiorentina, AS Roma, 1-4. Their position in the top four starting approached Inter, who argued two points.

Author: Graceful Pratama

However, the target finish in fourth, aka ranking of three, still makes sense. Rome above them just winning three points.

Performance Figures are indeed later loosened. The cause could be because they still have to compete in the Europa League round of 32 big cons Sepatu Futsal Specs Tottenham.

After retired, is now the focus of the team's Paulo Sousa's only Serie A.

With 10 matches remaining, can meet the target Figures?

Currently the direct competitor La Viola towards three ranking is Inter and Roma.

Fiorentina, The Time Is Speeding!

Napoli is very likely accompany Juventus make qualify directly into the group phase of the 2016/17, while Milan and Sassuolo still be outside the zone of Europe.

From the schedule, Fiorentina actually got the schedule.

Until this season, left Borja Valero dkk. will not face action "play-off" towards rank three. Fiorentina could not meet the team big five except at the end of April of Juventus.

Roma and Inter had a schedule that was more complicated because both still have to meet with a great team.

Possible mountings for Fiorentina is Sassuolo, which this season often presents a nightmare made the team that is above them.

The composition of the schedule it makes Fiorentina should accumulate a lot of biaspoints.

Sousa should not let children get lost because they are not asuhnya bias drape ruleshead-tohead if you have the same points at the end of the season with its rivals.

Fiorentina have no absolute advantage reserved note head-to-head with direct competitors. Free Inter they can 4-1 with a record of 6-2.

Notes counter Milan drew 2-2. When their points at the end of the same season, goal difference which is so distinctive. Fiorentina lost to Napoli and Rome, plus most likely Juventus.

Fiorentina, The Time Is Speeding!

"After going through February nan weight, we have to go back to rise with victory at the end of this week at home against Verona. The target of the team is still the same, i.e. finish in the top three. We must be sure it will be capable of reaching that target, "said midfielder Tino Costa told Tuttomercatoweb.

Gonzalo Dismisses into the spotlight. The action of the bombers of Naples at the end of the party against Chievo Sunday (6/3), give rise to polemics.

Author: Riemantono Harsojo

Unlike previous victorious in San Paolo, in direct 2-left the field so the referee ended the match Napoli against Chievo which ended with a score of 3-1.

The attacker called El Pipita it was not melakoni the tradition of circling the field andwent to the stands to greet tifosi.

He also declined a request to talk to Club media officer in front of the camera and Premium Sky Italy.

Any debate happening. Time called the upset that scored only one goal.

Most media writing yammer, El Pipita angered President Napoli, Aurelio de Laurentiis, so she is rumored to not willing to renew a contract that expires in June 2018.

The cause of the anger of the King of Naples, this season is the goal of the speech the President last month. De Laurentiis refers to excess body weight by as much as 2-1.5 kilogram so unable to make a goal in five matches.

Really? Amid concerns over the potential departure of the attacker against tifosi who contributed 26 of 58 goals in Napoli in Serie A this season, emerging evidence that can soothe the supporters I Partenopei.

Naples Magazine showing a photo of a woman kissing Dismisses in the hallway toward the dressing room after the party against Chievo.

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Fiorentina, The Time Is Speeding!

The woman is Lara Wechsler, beloved El Pipita who was visiting the city of Naples.

"A kissing devastating exploitation," so wrote the site Tutto Napoli.net. "Symptoms of anger because De Laurentiis's remark to 1.5 kilos, signs in June he will go. It is simply the opinion of media want to break up. "

Meanwhile, the media is headquartered in the city of Turin, Tuttosport, have another version.

2 it's true met her lover who was a student of origin of Buenos Aires, but the truth ishe want to quickly go to attend the anniversary celebration dinner with friends.

"She is very happy because scoring in the last two games. The entire squad were happy at the Time, he was our champion player, "said Napoli Defender, Faouzi Ghoulam.

2-happy, especially because he has returned to make goals and her lover are nearby. However, it is still a mystery, what the real reaction of El Pipita against comment one half a kilo of Club President.

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