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Achieves 11 winning streak, Juventus Remain Sticky Naples

Juventus victory streak extending success into 11 party streak in Serie a. a 1-0 Resultover Rome, Sunday (24/1/2016), making Juve remain stuck at the top of the standings Naples. The only goal against Juventus Rome scored by Paulo Dybala.

Appear in public himself, Juventus play comfortably. In Act I, they dominated the possession of 56 percent compared to 44 percent belonged to Rome.

Troops Massimiliano Allegri has eight chances in the first half, while Roma just two seeds. The guests from the capital also only occasionally peek gap via counteroffensive.

In 10 minutes, Juventus already have two opportunities via distance shot to Leonardo Bonucci and free kick Dybala. However, both attempts were saved by goalkeeperWojciech Szczesny, Rome.

Entering the second half, Juventus's dominance is still perceptible. The defending champion had to release four more shots before finally getting a goal via Spurn Dybala left foot on 77 minutes.

Achieves 11 winning streak, Juventus Remain Sticky Naples

Argentina youth aged 21 years that success continues ripe Paul Pogba bait on the left side of Defense. The goal became the only nicks which are born in the.

With this result, Juventus collecting 45 points and keep it several inches minus twodigits from the pemuncak standings, Naples.

Inter Milan had to say during his stay to a period of "runaway" which should be bypassed easily. They now welcome sequence of strange schedule worth mentioning the period of "hellfor up to a month ahead.

Draw 1-1 at home while eating the Carpi, Sunday (24/1/2016), covering the period that should be running light for Inter Milan. Called the light because they face the enemy is relatively easy on paper.

This period stretches since the action closed the year 2015 against Lazio to duel this weekend. If the condition progresses, Inter had initially predicted a chance to scoop up the numbers over Lazio, Empoli, Atalanta, and Sassuolo, Carpi.

However, of the five last weekend that troops Roberto Mancini just secured one victory, i.e. over Empoli 1-0. The rest, Inter defeated Lazio 1-2 and 0-1 Sassuolo, and detained and Carpi Atalanta 1-1.

Achieves 11 winning streak, Juventus Remain Sticky Naples

"When you lose or tie, there's always controversy. We had to win. We are very angry, "said Inter midfielder Felipe Melo, told Sky Sports.

Sounds difficult conditions represents Melo body Nerazzurri. When the schedule looks light just painstakingly bypassed, imagine the threat that would be present in a period of hell one month ahead.

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At the first inter party with the first semi-final of the Coppa Italy at home to Juventus, Wednesday (27/1/2016). Mauro Icardi dkk then consecutively will face Milan, Chievo, VeronaFiorentina, Sampdoria and Juventus, in the League.

After the latter duel melakoni, Inter again meets the same enemy, Juventus, in the semi-finals of the Coppa Italy II!

There is indeed a Chievo and Verona in the calendar. However, the two city teams that obviously cannot be considered one eye due to Inter in present conditions could hurt anyone.

Inter Milan coach Roberto Mancini, feels upset to the striker La Beneamata after being held 1-draw by Carpi in the Serie A match at the Giuseppe Meazza Stadium on Sunday (24/1/2016). Team captain, Mauro Icardi, became the main spotlight of theallenatore.

Inter is in fact already winning 1-0 since the 39 goals through Rodrigo Palacio. Evenfresh breeze constantly upon the Blue-Black stronghold after the player Carpi, Lorenzo Pasciuti red player at minute 83 '.

However, the goddess fortuna seems to overshadow Carpi. Because, their replacement players, Kevin Lasagna, was able to equalize in the 90 ' + 2.

"I was disappointed. This is our third gim (in Serie A) without a victory, "said Mancinito Mediaset Premium and Sky Sport Italy reported by the Italy Football.

"We have a bigger problem, namely that we could not score a goal. Our strikers could not just standing waiting for the ball to come. Football consists of the brain and the muscles, "he said again.

The former Manchester City this tactic spokesman added, "we have seven opportunities to score today. Later, at 92 minutes we fell asleep. "

Achieves 11 winning streak, Juventus Remain Sticky Naples

Mancini pun mindlessly squander the Icardi criticized the direct opportunity to make the position of being 2-0.

"I was 50 years old and could have scored it. You have to score a goal over there, that's it. Striker should realize that they must work even up to 92 minutes, to get the ball and protect them, "said the man who brought the City to win the Premier Leaguein the summer of 2011-2012 it is.

"It looks like we have to plunge on the stock transfer and buy another striker," he said.

The last victory of Inter in Italy's League performance is to drop by kala Empoli on Wednesday (6/1/2016). Then, Icardi becoming the deciding goals that brought Interpicking three points with a 1-0 result.

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