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Peep The Strategy Of Defence Biangbola Kaltim

The 5th week of the Western Pro Futsal League (PFL) 2016 on 2-3 April, resulting ina very exciting match. The match is a match held at GOR December 17, Mataram was increasingly affirmed the tight competition in the Western region. Then, consistency becomes very important for wading through the 2016 long enough the PFL.

Biangbola Kaltim is one of a team that was having the problem of consistency. Biangbola often up and down the rankings standings. Richard Julinur cs. never achieve perfect results in one weekend. This evidence, consistency becomes a big problem Biangbola stronghold.

But in the past week, foster care Panca Fauzi managed to increase motivation and the perfect points. Sure enough, Biangbola appeared to surprise by beating ElectricPLN by a score of 5-0, securing and holding draw BJL 2000 Cosmo 2-passing game is super tough.

Peep The Strategy Of Defence Biangbola Kaltim

So what makes the team origin in East Kalimantan that impresses? If viewed directlyinto the stadium or watching on television, the Biangbola have a strong defence and wait. This time, reviewing some of the points Zone Futsal Defence that Biangbolawas exhibited on the two games against Electric PLN and BJL 2000 Cosmo.

1. Half Defence

If you see two games the weekend of the 5th against PLN and BJL, it looks like Coach Panca mengintruksikan asuhnya children to play patient with Half the Defence strategy also referred to a zone Defense. See Figure 1.

In Figure 1, we can see the players Biangbola down up to ¼ field with always more into position (keep the depth). It generally aims to anticipate passing or throughpassinto strong areas or the central region more dangerous. This way also aims to shut down the line shooting opponents. The narrowness of space available makes opponents tend to play the ball posession.

2. The position of the Body

One thing that is often overlooked is the futsal players horses when the defence. The footstool and the position of the body is very important to support the defence and anticipate all possibilities such as accelerated opposing players or to do a pressure or pressure. See Figure 2.

In Figure 2, the Player looks Biangbola Firmansyah with horses good ready do to pressure the ball, even though not yet fully Eco Saputro passing through to Alfred. This is not to take the ball, but rather to force opponents to think fast. Moreover, the material Biangbola average players have a good speed. With this strategy, Ismail cs. often successfully intercept and do a counter attack or counterattack.

3. Trap/Trap

Trap or traps often do the players Biangbola on two matches fifth weekend. With adefence that is patient and waited for this, make the players BJL 2000 Cosmo frustrating. Eventually the players PLN and BJL inevitably must issue individual skill by trying to pass a strong defence Biangbola. But a second attempt that team doesn't run smoothly due to the tactics trap that often practiced Biangbola. See Figure 3 and 4.

4. Cover

Well the most important and crucial in defence Biangbola yesterday was the Cover.Who made the Biangbola hard penetrated is ready and disiplinnya the players in various situations.
See Figure 5.

In Figure 5 Julinur Richard managed to cover enough Nandy off guard in keeping Rainhard movement. But the captain managed to discipline at containment. The movement also performed the mencover area also Ismail defense Biangbola.

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Peep The Strategy Of Defence Biangbola Kaltim

5. The Squad Evenly

Biangbola squad this year is a complete squad. Filled the collaboration between junior and senior players, they are filling in all aspects. Starting Five and sufficient reserves, which makes this Biangbola was never out of breath until the end of the game.
A pretty good result for Biangbola scoring 4 points the result of once won against Electric PLN by a score of 5-0 and a goalless draw against once BJL 2000 Cosmo with the score 2-2. Now the East Kutai squad that ranked fourth while roosting.

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